Twitter Novels: Really?

Thought you’d heard of everything?  Think again.  Twitter novels are being tweeted, 140 characters at a time, as we speak.  Pioneered in April of 08 by @smallplaces, Twitter novels are emerging as the newest form of book distribution.

People are always looking for new creative ways to use Twitter to promote their business, and writers are certainly no different.  Will this trend get traction?  Only time will tell.

Have you heard of a good “case study” for Twitter novels?  Please feel free to share below in the comments!

Social Media Case Study: Twitter Games

To promote it’s upcoming movie, Terminator Salvation, Sony has launched a very savvy twitter-based campaign to get people excited.  Twitter games are the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing on Twitter.  Users are drawn in because of the entertainment value they wish to get from it.  They are not being sold a product.  This is consistent with the golden rule of social media/open source culture which states: give first, then receive? Adding/offering value is a must if you want to win the favor (attention) of the web hordes.

Terminator Salvation is a movie about the post apocalyptic world where the machines have taken over and humans are fighting for survival.  This really was a perfect match for Twitter in many ways.  The campaign was designed to allow Twitter users to join in the fight against the machines.  While these users are getting involved in the struggle they are investing themselves in the story.  They feel like they have a stake in the outcome.  Brilliant!  The ongoing “missions” that are sent out to the twittersphere can contain little tidbits from the plotline and direct Twitter “freedom fighters” to any piece of marketing Sony wishes.  It’s a win/win for both parties.

The obvious other benefit is that by participating in this game you are sending out constant plugs and referrals to the Terminator twitter account.  All and all a very well thought out, a propos Twitter strategy.  While games are not appropriate methods to advertise products in every industry, an action adventure movie is clearly a great candidate.

#FollowFriday ‘Followfest’ on Twitter

A new trend is gaining speed big time on twitter recently, known as “FollowFriday”.  If you are an active Twitter user it is likely that you have seen the seemingly nonsensical posts similar to this “#followfriday – @johnmarlow, @fairmontchicago, @mavenMKTG, etc, etc”.  Basically just the words “followfriday” followed by a bunch of usernames.

What does this mean?

#followfriday is used as an indicator of what that poster feels are good people to follow.  One of the major reason people use twitter is to get good information.  That said, knowing who to follow can be very valuable.  If someone indicates you as someone to follow that means they value your posts and think that others would benefit from following you as well.  It’s a virtual tip of the hat, if you will, showing respect to you with the hope that you might extend the same courtesy.

When do people mutually extend this offer, both are benefited by the exposure from the other’s follower pool.  Since no two people are likely have all the same contacts there is rarely a case when there is no potential benefit for both.  Although this is a good way to self promote, you need to be cognizant of the fact that the spirit of this activity is to share valauble contacts with others.  Mutual following just for purely the sake of self-promotion is frowned upon.

Future of Applications in Social Media

Starting Groups and Fanpages is so easy that it can be done by almost anyone.  They have become very popular and today you would be hardpressed to find a company with any sort of national advertising campaign that DID NOT have a presence on any of the social media websites.

The Future of Applications in Social Media is the creation of custom applications.  Custom applications are little programs within a program that are design by and for companies who are looking to engage their consumer base within the context of the social media they inhabit.

Games and quizes abound in social media environments like Facebook, mostly because they are fun and people enjoy making and sharing fun things.  There are thousands of such applications that serve ZERO business purpose but are created just the same.

The relatively untested waters are the Future of Applications in Social Media for business-based applications.  Currently there are less than 100 such applications, but that is already changing…

The Future of Social Media

Where is it going?  What is its highest and best use?  How are the tools that are available today going to be used in the future?

Where are we going doc?

Where are we going doc?

PART I: The new Facebook – “Why are people at networking functions trying to add me as their Facebook friend?”

The line between business and social is started to get blurred as aggressive networkers test the waters on business practices within social networks…