Tweetfic: What is it?

A month back I wrote a piece on a fiction author who was pioneering a short fiction work on Twitter (Twitter Novels: Really?), and it seems that this form of tweeting is already picking up some steam and moving towards the beginnings of its own genre.

The term “tweetfic” is starting to gain popularity as a way to describe fictional literature delivered through Twitter.  Using the 140 character limit, writers are already testing their versatility and jumping on this opportunity to showcase their skills on this popular new forum.

Working within a rigid structure is nothing new for literature.  Haiku’s, a form of japanese poetry are written in metrical phrases of 5, 7, 5.  Shakespeare popularized iambic pentameter which consistent of 5 “feet” of stressed and unstressed syllables.  These guidelines gave writers a framework to push against that many found very conducive to cohesive creativity.  Sometimes ultimate freedom can be a little TOO open and leave writers feeling as if they don’t know where to begin.

Will tweetfic have the same inspirational appeal and lasting power?  Perhaps.  Several tweetfic publishers have already sprung up trying to be the first to market and snatch up the early adapter audience.  Check them out on twitter at @tweetthemeat, @Nanoism, @Thaumatrope, @Outshine, @Picfic, and @Escarp.  They all have slightly different angles and modes for delivering (and receiving) new fiction submissions.  Time will tell which ones will prove to be most effective.