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What Are #Hashtags in Twitter? How To Use Them?

Just getting started on twitter?  Looking into twitter’s features to see if it is for you?  If so, you are probably asking yourself “What are hashtags in Twitter and how do I use them?”

Hashtags are used in Twitter to put a label on a topic of conversation that you want other to be able to find using the find feature.  This allows for easy promotion and easy access to that information.

No formal registry is required.  Just pick a hashtag (hopefully not already in use) and include it in your post.  Announce to others what that tag means and you’re done!

Defining Success in a Social Media Campaign

How do you measure success when analyzing your ongoing social media campaigns?

One of the biggest problems businesses have when justifying the time and expense associated with creating and facilitating a social media campaign is applying hard, revenue-generating metric - Defining Success in a Social Media Campaign is the crucial first step to designing and implementing a social media campaign.

Popular thinking about this problem is that the effects of social media is hard to link to a specific measurable event, like a new sale.

Defining Success in a Social Media Campaign can be facilitating to landing pages designed to create a sale, but the best use of the attention created by these campaigns is to drive interest in specific events, and promotions.