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Top 30+ Health Influencers on Twitter

Who has the public’s ear when it comes to questions on health? If you have an important message to share online, these are the people who you want on board with your marketing plan.

They are known for providing important information about health, and have the biggest followings for this specific topic.  When they talk, tweeple listen.

Top Health Influencers
· @wholefoods
· @goodhealth
· @sanjayguptaCNN
· @sarahbrown10
· @livestrongCEO
· @drjeffersnboggs
· @healthhelps
· @stopchronicpain
· @health_coach
· @joyceschneider1
· @linda_miner
· @fitnessmagazine
· @mikehaydon
· @ghchealth
· @shaunnamlm
· @drjosephkim
· @kristiemcnealy
· @davew66
· @marielhemmingway
· @startatone
· @brstcancernews
· @womenshealthmag
· @lisacolliercool
· @rilescat
· @pleasureellis
· @diseaseaday
· @kevingiani
· @jcchancellor
· @menshealthmag
· @kevinmd
· @brainline
· @know_cancer
· @health_hive
· @clementyeung

Tweetfic: What is it?

A month back I wrote a piece on a fiction author who was pioneering a short fiction work on Twitter (Twitter Novels: Really?), and it seems that this form of tweeting is already picking up some steam and moving towards the beginnings of its own genre.

The term “tweetfic” is starting to gain popularity as a way to describe fictional literature delivered through Twitter.  Using the 140 character limit, writers are already testing their versatility and jumping on this opportunity to showcase their skills on this popular new forum.

Working within a rigid structure is nothing new for literature.  Haiku’s, a form of japanese poetry are written in metrical phrases of 5, 7, 5.  Shakespeare popularized iambic pentameter which consistent of 5 “feet” of stressed and unstressed syllables.  These guidelines gave writers a framework to push against that many found very conducive to cohesive creativity.  Sometimes ultimate freedom can be a little TOO open and leave writers feeling as if they don’t know where to begin.

Will tweetfic have the same inspirational appeal and lasting power?  Perhaps.  Several tweetfic publishers have already sprung up trying to be the first to market and snatch up the early adapter audience.  Check them out on twitter at @tweetthemeat, @Nanoism, @Thaumatrope, @Outshine, @Picfic, and @Escarp.  They all have slightly different angles and modes for delivering (and receiving) new fiction submissions.  Time will tell which ones will prove to be most effective.

Social Media Case Study: Fairmont Chicago

Recently, Fairmont Chicago engaged envisionit media (in collaboration with Maven MKTG) to create and manage an ongoing Twitter campaign to help promote the hotel and auxilary restaurant and spa businesses located within the hotel.

The hotel boasts marvelous accomodatations and an impressive 500MM renovation.  Within the Fairmont Chicago are a wine bar, a fine dining restaurant, a sushi restaurant/lounge, and a full spa.  The challenge before the social media team was two-fold – 1.) to increase business to the hotel by increasing awareness, and 2.) to create cross promotional opportunities between the various entities.

The first step of creating a smart Twitter campaign always includes the development of a strategically designed Twitter background.  For Fairmont’s case, this background had to communicate the brand quality associated with their establishment, as well as feature the various establishments within Fairmont that guests and local Chicagoans would enjoy with Fairmont.  Once the Fairmont Chicago Twitter identity was properly designed, the next step was to attract the right following.

Through a personal, direct marketing campaign campaign, Maven MKTG identified and reached out to key influencers in the Twitter community who were involved in an industry related to hotels or Chicago hospitality.

After establishing a strong base of influential followers, they announced and carried out a Twitter contest designed to spead awareness of Fairmont and a promotional special they had advertised on their website.  Essential elemments of the contest included sending “Tweets” to the participants following, and joining the Fairmont Chicago’s Facebook group.

In the end, almost 10% of the existing Fairmont Chicago following participated in the contest and Fairmont Chicago’s following nearly doubled within a week of the contest’s start.  As an added bonus, the winner of the contest was so happy with his prize that he wrote a blog entry about the contest.

Future of Applications in Social Media

Starting Groups and Fanpages is so easy that it can be done by almost anyone.  They have become very popular and today you would be hardpressed to find a company with any sort of national advertising campaign that DID NOT have a presence on any of the social media websites.

The Future of Applications in Social Media is the creation of custom applications.  Custom applications are little programs within a program that are design by and for companies who are looking to engage their consumer base within the context of the social media they inhabit.

Games and quizes abound in social media environments like Facebook, mostly because they are fun and people enjoy making and sharing fun things.  There are thousands of such applications that serve ZERO business purpose but are created just the same.

The relatively untested waters are the Future of Applications in Social Media for business-based applications.  Currently there are less than 100 such applications, but that is already changing…

The Future of Social Media

Where is it going?  What is its highest and best use?  How are the tools that are available today going to be used in the future?

Where are we going doc?

Where are we going doc?

PART I: The new Facebook – “Why are people at networking functions trying to add me as their Facebook friend?”

The line between business and social is started to get blurred as aggressive networkers test the waters on business practices within social networks…

Cross-pollinating Campaigns

It works for botanists.  How can you make Cross-pollinating Campaigns work for you next marketing campaign?

The key element to understand about online marketing (and marketing in general) is that you will rarely (less than 5% of the time) sell someone on a product based on the first time they see your add.  It is a process.  For this reason, you need to be able to reach your targets on multiple occasions.  If you are able to do this, it is well proven that you will see a much better return on your investment while working with Cross-pollinating Campaigns.

The question is: can you see a similar “multiplier effect” when combining two separte campaigns?

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most useful ways to successfully turn targeted traffic into leads.  Since the advent of S.E.M. (search engine marketing), we have been able to choose where we want to send our visitors who reach our site via paid online marketing campaigns.

This much discussed topic can provide the essential element that can multiply (or sandbag) the efficiency of your paid advertising campaigns.  Paid advertising campaigns are especially helpful when linked to landing pages because of the mirroring potential that technology allows – advertising campaigns can point certain ads to certain pages that match up with the content of the ad, allow you to meet expectations and increase conversions.

Defining Success in a Social Media Campaign

How do you measure success when analyzing your ongoing social media campaigns?

One of the biggest problems businesses have when justifying the time and expense associated with creating and facilitating a social media campaign is applying hard, revenue-generating metric - Defining Success in a Social Media Campaign is the crucial first step to designing and implementing a social media campaign.

Popular thinking about this problem is that the effects of social media is hard to link to a specific measurable event, like a new sale.

Defining Success in a Social Media Campaign can be facilitating to landing pages designed to create a sale, but the best use of the attention created by these campaigns is to drive interest in specific events, and promotions.