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#FollowFriday ‘Followfest’ on Twitter

A new trend is gaining speed big time on twitter recently, known as “FollowFriday”.  If you are an active Twitter user it is likely that you have seen the seemingly nonsensical posts similar to this “#followfriday – @johnmarlow, @fairmontchicago, @mavenMKTG, etc, etc”.  Basically just the words “followfriday” followed by a bunch of usernames.

What does this mean?

#followfriday is used as an indicator of what that poster feels are good people to follow.  One of the major reason people use twitter is to get good information.  That said, knowing who to follow can be very valuable.  If someone indicates you as someone to follow that means they value your posts and think that others would benefit from following you as well.  It’s a virtual tip of the hat, if you will, showing respect to you with the hope that you might extend the same courtesy.

When do people mutually extend this offer, both are benefited by the exposure from the other’s follower pool.  Since no two people are likely have all the same contacts there is rarely a case when there is no potential benefit for both.  Although this is a good way to self promote, you need to be cognizant of the fact that the spirit of this activity is to share valauble contacts with others.  Mutual following just for purely the sake of self-promotion is frowned upon.