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Future of Applications in Social Media

Starting Groups and Fanpages is so easy that it can be done by almost anyone.  They have become very popular and today you would be hardpressed to find a company with any sort of national advertising campaign that DID NOT have a presence on any of the social media websites.

The Future of Applications in Social Media is the creation of custom applications.  Custom applications are little programs within a program that are design by and for companies who are looking to engage their consumer base within the context of the social media they inhabit.

Games and quizes abound in social media environments like Facebook, mostly because they are fun and people enjoy making and sharing fun things.  There are thousands of such applications that serve ZERO business purpose but are created just the same.

The relatively untested waters are the Future of Applications in Social Media for business-based applications.  Currently there are less than 100 such applications, but that is already changing…