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Social Media Case Study: Twitter Games

To promote it’s upcoming movie, Terminator Salvation, Sony has launched a very savvy twitter-based campaign to get people excited.  Twitter games are the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing on Twitter.  Users are drawn in because of the entertainment value they wish to get from it.  They are not being sold a product.  This is consistent with the golden rule of social media/open source culture which states: give first, then receive? Adding/offering value is a must if you want to win the favor (attention) of the web hordes.

Terminator Salvation is a movie about the post apocalyptic world where the machines have taken over and humans are fighting for survival.  This really was a perfect match for Twitter in many ways.  The campaign was designed to allow Twitter users to join in the fight against the machines.  While these users are getting involved in the struggle they are investing themselves in the story.  They feel like they have a stake in the outcome.  Brilliant!  The ongoing “missions” that are sent out to the twittersphere can contain little tidbits from the plotline and direct Twitter “freedom fighters” to any piece of marketing Sony wishes.  It’s a win/win for both parties.

The obvious other benefit is that by participating in this game you are sending out constant plugs and referrals to the Terminator twitter account.  All and all a very well thought out, a propos Twitter strategy.  While games are not appropriate methods to advertise products in every industry, an action adventure movie is clearly a great candidate.